George Thomas is president of Contemporary Controls Systems Inc. that he founded in 1975. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. He completed the American Electronics Association/Stanford University Executive Institute for managing high-tech companies.

He has served as a director on several boards such as the MIDCON Electronics Show and Convention, the IEEE-Chicago Section, the STD Bus Manufacturer's Group, the ARCNET Trade Association, the American Electronics Association, the Chicago Manufacturing Center and the Management Association of Illinois. George is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and past chairman of the Chicago Section. He is a senior member of the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society

As principal architect of IEU, George has authored most of its courses.

Bennet Levine obtained his BSSE degree from Southern Illinois University. He now is a Senior Engineer at Contemporary Controls Systems Inc. where he serves as R&D Manager — coordinating software development and some product development in both ARCNET and Ethernet technologies.

He was previously employed at Bell Laboratories, AM Multigraphics and Hollister Inc.

Bennet is currently a member of the ODVA EtherNet/IP Infrastructure Task Force and the IEEE. He has authored articles in Control Engineering, InTech and the Industrial Ethernet Book.

Bennet is one of the architects of IEU and author of a forthcoming course.

Paula Doyle is a doctoral researcher with the Circuits and Systems Research Centre at the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has a first class honours B. Eng. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick.

Her research interests include embedded real-time systems, with emphasis on control networks for smart tranducers with applications in the field of industrial automation. Paula is currently in the final stages of her Ph.D. research, based on the time-triggered transducer clusters in an Ethernet networking environment.

Paula is the author of courses IE401 and IE402.