Contemporary Controls® (CC) is recognized for our networking products in various industrial and automation technologies: Ethernet, BACnet®, ARCNET® and Controller Area Network (CAN) including DeviceNet. Our routers, switching hubs, repeating hubs, media converters and interface modules are designed for industrial and automation applications at affordable prices. For skilled technical assistance (regardless of the complexity of your questions) we are only a phone call away.

  • Ethernet — Our own Ethernet technology, CTRLink, helps improve your network performance with switching hubs designed for building or industrial automation. Fibre optic switches and media converters extend distances to 2 km. CC managed switches offer extended features and information on the status of the network.

  • BACnet — Beyond ARCNET and Ethernet products for building automation systems (BAS), CC also supports the BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP protocols with universal I/O for sensors, actuators and other HVAC devices. CC also manufactures protocol-aware routers that are unique to the BAS industry.

  • Modbus — CC also supports Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP with gateways that map individual Modbus registers into BACnet objects. Modbus is not restricted to just industrial automation. It can be found in numerous diverse automation industries including building automation.

  • NiagaraAX Framework® — CC offers controllers that support this software platform which you can use to manage and control diverse systems and devices regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

  • ARCNET — We're unequalled in ARCNET. CC active repeaters, links and hubs offer 2–16 ports for twisted-pair, coaxial and fibre optic cabling. CC network adapters support ISA, PC/104, PCI and USB buses.

  • CAN/DeviceNet — CC offers DeviceNet network adapters for ISA, PC/104 and PCI buses — and a CANopen adapter for PCI bus. Our Extend-A-Bus allows DeviceNet network diameters up to six kilometres.

As shown on the right side of this page, CC has its corporate headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA (23 miles west of Chicago), and subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

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